There are two Beaver colonies in Marple, each with 24 Beavers. Etherow Beavers meet on Monday evenings and Brabyns Beavers meet on Tuesday evenings. Beavers are aged 6-8 years old.

There is a waiting list for Beaver places. Please note that due to the size of the current waiting list it is advisable to add your child to the waiting list before they are 5. If you would like to be added to the Beaver waiting list then use the contact section of the website. Please include your child’s name, their date of birth, your contact telephone number and address.

If you would like to have more information about Beavers or would like to volunteer to help with Beavers then please get in touch using the contact section of the website. We will then reply to you are soon as possible.

We would love to start a third Beaver colony (on a Friday evening) so if you are interested in becoming a Beaver Leader please get in touch!