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Easter Football

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Everyone has their own take on 'The Big Game' - to such an extent that the players themselves can't decide on what the score should have been!

We've got Andy Togs' own completely biased view of what happened out there on that bobbly Linnet Clough pitch, and he takes no prisoners.

He has also provided a
'You Are The Ref' section to try to educate the masses. Read more


Following the rampant debacle that was the Cobden Scouts annual Cabaret night last Thursday (or "Oscar Night" as it was re-branded in the hope that the acts may be a little more upmarket) rumours have spread like wildfire that chief organiser Sigley has quit after an impromptu row with one of the numerous top Cobden Leader.

Siggers outburst began with a dig about the poor condition of the large hall for the performances and the lack of staged seating. One Eyewitness reported that he could be heard asking Pie "When am I getting my arena seating… For the Oscar night? When are you? When are you opening up your budget and giving a little bit to drama for once? When am I? When am I getting my cross and flag down? When am I getting some support from you? Instead you're wasting it on sport and cricket stumps and stupid things that the scouts don't need. Why don't you go and buy some more badges for the camps or stuff like that because it's…. the funds are certainly not coming in my direction"

Apparently having started his rant Sigley realised what he'd said and snapped, launching into a staggering overdrive: "I'm so sick of it, I'm so… I've built that Oscar night up from the Cabaret tat that it was when I came here, and you've never… you've never appreciated me for doing that. You've never thanked me. You've never said 'Andrew thankyou for what you've done'.

"You know I could have taken a different road. I could have been huge by now if I'd taken a different path in my life. I could have been famous, I would have been massive. I tried to bring a little bit of hope, a little bit of magic into tonight... and I get a .. I try to have a dream. I dare to have a dream that's big and you shove it in my face. I quit. Everyone, I'm leaving."

Head County Loss-Leader Dawson told us later "I think that'll be the end of him on a Thursday, I've got a fiver on it". The Sigley camp was unavailable for comment.


Marplescouts.co.uk have been mourning the loss this week, of the tragic death of Charlie the squirrel. Charlie, 3, from the large hall roof lived alone and was fondly named after the scout whose head he jumped onto one night.

It is believed he died from smoke inhalation from the scout hut over the Pancake week period. At least 73 pancake nights took place in the scout hut from the 23rd to the 27th February and the amount of burning fumes lead to a terrific build up of smoke in the poor mites body.

Top firefighter Bintliff explained "We always warn squirrels about this time of year in these sort of locations but they never think it will happen to them. Charlie was just unlucky. We did everything we could"

He was discovered by the "Carver Cubs Large Hall Rooftile Replacement Team" shortly before Wednesday cubs as they were making good the unsightly rooftile mess left by Kinder scouts. Gobby told us "Tile 44 in sector 4 + 9 was reported as loose so I said I'd go over and check it out. Usually Charlie would come over for a nut or two but then I noticed his furry frame wasn't moving and his paws were clutching his neck. Then I knew something was wrong."

Charlie was well loved by all the scouting community and would chip in by helping to sweep or polish floors overnight, while always ensuring that Gangshow props were always safely stored and kept well out of the way. He also enjoyed playing with the footballs that got booted up into the ceiling every week.


Cobden Scouts were up on their annual trip to Cumberland Cottage in late November, and made the most of teh terrain in spite of the temperature dropping to a cool minus 5!

Wide games, geo-caching, and lots of warm drinks were the order of the day. Full report will (hopefully) follow soon - but in the meantime you can relive the experience through
the Photos.


Network v Explorers Football
Brabyns Park, Saturday, 1 November 11:30 GMT

Live commentary on your phone if you are lucky enough to get through to someone on the sideline.

Andy Makin could start in the final game of his network career in the upcoming fixture against the explorers, before his retirement next month...

Read More.


Things are already hotting up in terms of events for Marple Scouts in 2009! Letters for Marple's Summer Camp (August 2009) will be getting sent out this week - the leaders have shunned the South, and are planning a week in the North-East of England (Either Scarborough or Whitby) - somewhere that used to be a popular destination, but that Marple Scouts haven't been seen for many years.

There's also a County Summer Camp (August 2009) which is taking a group of Scouts from across Manchester to Kandesteg International Scout Camp in the Swiss Alps, and is being organised by our very own Pie-face. There'll be rock-climbing, Alpine huts, Swiss chocolate along with fantastic views and extremely fresh air! (Though it may come too soon for those that endured the monster 30 hour coach journey to Austria for ski-ing!).

Elsewhere, there will be the freezing Winter Camp (January 2009), traditional Easter Camp (Easter 2009), and the Annual Battle of Marple (July 2009) to look forward to, as well as walking weekends and Cumberland Cottage (November 2009)!