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Scout Summer Camp


aditogs | August 22-2014 August 25th-2014 | One Comment
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Greetings readers, to yesterday’s catch up where Dinosaurland and the Jurassic Lyme Regis reigned. An initial Cave man wide game had the patrols hunting, literally, for their breakfast then a patrol five a side football competition was followed by camp ovens resulting in Pizza and chips for lunch. The antiquated Dinosaur fossil land museum entertained for nearly an hour then a cold grey Lyme Regis swim was abandoned for lack of numbers.

Home made burgers and an incredible open air cinema had the sleeping bagged scouts warm and cosy while watching Jurassic Park. In other news the ‘minions’ have created their own Nest den ( apparently with tunnels?) in opposition to the Patrol Leaders who have created their own zone.

A mutant go kart constructed from 2 trolleys remains an enemy of the Leaders but we have drawn impressive glances from the tesco delivery man (for the cinema) and dust bin men (for the scouts in minibus dancing). The apr├Ęs ski classic ‘Disco Pogo’ now seems to be the adventures’ top track. Will keep you posted. Photos may follow. Regards, Andy togs sat in the warm sun on Sidmouth beach missing today’s cold swim.(yay!)

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