Good evening and welcome aboard the minibus as we return from coasteering, Babbacombe award winning fish and chips, and finally Torquay amusement arcades.

Christmas tunes are on and the sugar excited scouts are exclaiming ‘Merry Woodmas’ to all around. They sound quite happy and full of cheer!

Jumping around the coast went down very well – ‘Sick’ according to some, and immediately superseded any previous activity on our action packed whirlwind Devon escapade : patrol cricket barely noted, Woodmas party forgotten, camp teeth brushing and ‘Sally Up Sally Down’ exercise memories now obsolete.

Million Pound Drop still to play while ‘Inspection’, points, and the team competition continues forges on. Cave Man wide game for breakfast tomorrow.

Everything still awesome! Entirely as anticipated. Have a good day at work ‘Minions!’

Regards, Andy togs.


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