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The Dragon Award!!


2014 is the year of the dragon!

We are aware that it’s technically it’s the year of the horse, but for Marple scouting we are calling it the year of the dragon because we will be taking on The Dragon Award. The Dragon Award is a Welsh badge, with three stages available Bronze Silver and Gold and we are opening it up to anyone of scout age and above (so if you don’t complete the awards as a scout you can carry on as an explorer). We will be completing the Bronze award together first before moving on the complete the silver and gold.

To complete the bronze award all you need to do is sleep under canvas for at least one night in each calendar month of the year. Technically you do not have to complete the bronze award within one year, you can spend as many years as you to tick off every month, but we thought where’s the fun in that, we want to do it in 12 straight months!

That’s rights we intend to go camping once every month in 2014 and we would love you to join us. Its only one night per month under canvas, or in a bivvy it doesn’t matter and some of our normal camps like Easter camp, summer camp and BoM will count towards the award making it even easier!

We know what you’re thinking, ‘Whoa that’s amazing, how do I get involved in this awesome harebrained scheme’. All you need to do for now is get yourself on the Dragon Award mailing list by emailing your name and scout group to Then we will keep you up to date with the events and how to get your award signed off.

We are really excited about this award and want as many people to get involved as possible so sign up ASAP. If you have any questions either drop an email to the Dragon Award mail box above or ask Nippie Nolan (Kinder) or Oli Hibbs (Cobden).