Location; Seven Springs Campsite, Disley

Date; 28th – 30th June 2013

Partcipants; Cobden, Kinder, Peak

Organisers; Marple Network

Happy Birthday! The Battle of Marple this year happily celebrated its 10th Birthday, and did so in style.

The scouts arrived promptly and eager at the Scout HQ at 6pm on the Friday. Here, they were split into teams and were handed over to our very own, Andrew Thorpe. Off for their first challenge, walk to the Campsite! The walk up was a wet one. The heavens opened and not a dry face was seen. Fortunately for the scouts, the leaders had already put up their tents earlier in the day.

Cobden were first to arrive in 2 hours and 10 minutes shortly followed by Kinder and Peak at 2 hours 20 minutes. Ground rules were told and networkers were introduced with the usual; Nickname, Network number and interesting fact.

Hot dogs and hot chocolate were eaten before the first wide game. Over to Andrew Thorpe again for a very scary Zombie Apocalypse wide game! Fake blood and everything! Wide game over and straight to bed for the scouts.

The scouts were rudely awoken to the noise of an air horn and sights of birthday banners and bunting everywhere! Ravine Run to start the day, led by Tom Reeve and Guy Taylor, just like any other Battle of Marple camp. A full English breakfast and straight into bases. The bases the scouts had to endure this year consisted of;

Fire Making – Chris Greevy
Tent Pitching – Tom Reeve
Team Games – Jonathan Nolan
Mental Challenge – Gareth Hibbs
Strong Scout – Joe Ward and Ben Potter
Mini Pioneering – Ben Duncalf

Free time! The sun has come out and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves! The sud slide and bouncy castle seemed to be the highlight of the day for both scouts AND leaders. T-shirt and woggle making then ensued, without any burnt fingers! A BBQ for our birthday lunch and bases then continued at 4pm.

The bases over and done for the day, the leaders catch a small break whilst the scouts have tea. Spaghetti Bolognaise, a camp favourite! Wide Game of the night led by Nippy. An International Curriers Company, drug smugglers, the Mafia and the Police make the ingredients for a perfect wide game!

With the scouts fed and worn out, its time for a camp fire or what we like to call “GlastonBOM”. This was led by Sam Peach and Matt Wilson and was an instant hit with the scouts. I can definitely see this happening again next year. After many verses of “Do you know the Muffin man” and “The Johnson Boys” its time for beddy byes.

After Fridays wide game and the Saturday bases, the results stand at; Cobden – 13, Kinder – 11, Peak – 7. With the results so close together, it looks like there is a lot to play for on Sunday!

Up early the next morning at an eye watering 7:30am for the start of the Sunday events. The scouts fought long and hard through a tough day of events involving a test of Physical prowess, mental stamina, team work and appetite!

After the events, the results now stand at; Cobden – 38, Kinder – 40, Peak – 32. This means Kinder are going into the Gruellinator with a 2 second lead over Cobden. Peak will be leaving 6 seconds after Cobden. It’s all to play for as there isn’t much time between the teams!

The Air horn sounded and kinder were off, shortly followed by Cobden and finally Peak. This year’s Gruellinator is truly outstanding, one of the longest and hardest Assault courses created to date.

With reports that some scouts had fallen over further round the course (out of sight for the Leaders) we had no idea who would be arriving first! Then suddenly, one Lone Kinder Scout arrived. Then another and another! Hope was then restored in Cobden, as a Cobden scout then appeared! Sadly, the majority of Kinder had arrived.

It was all too late, the Kinder team gathered round the plunger and before we knew it, it was all over.

Battle of Marple 2013 complete! A huge congratulations to Kinder and a fantastic effort from both Cobden and Peak.

Thanks to all scouts who took part and a massive thank you to Adi Tognarelli, Tommy Tognarelli, Jonathan Nolan, Oliver Hibbs, Chris Greevy, Andy Thrope, Matt Wilson, Ian Ridgeway, Andrew Statham, Gareth Hibbs, Sam Peach, Ben Wilson, Mike Clifford, Tom Reeve, Joe Ward, Guy Taylor, Joe Jefferson, Ben Potter, Jonny Hulmes, Ben Duncalf for all the background work, without them, Battle of Marple just wouldn’t exist.

See you all next year, when Battle of Marple is in its 11th year.