It’s the time of year again, when the cubs of Goyt District descend on Linnet Clough for the district camp. We took a group of 23 cubs comprised from the 4 Marple packs.


The cubs started to arrive from about 7p.m; they found their tents and unpacked. After this it was time for Flag and then a wide game which saw the younger leaders chased around the site. It was now time for a movie followed by supper.


The cubs were up early, very early in fact at 5:40am! There was no need for an alarm clock on this camp as their noise woke us up at 6am. Breakfast was served and they were ready for Flag at 9.

It was all change this year, away with the old and in with the new. Now the cubs could choose what they wanted to do and when. They had to do participate in most of the activities in order to receive the camp badge. Many of our cubs completed all the bases, which included judo, backwards cooking and even a bouncy castle!

After the bases, the cubs played football which included matches against the packs from New Mills and High Lane. These matches were hotly contested and were both won by Marple.

After Tea,  it was time for a campfire which was done by High Lane. After this was some soup to warm them through before they watched the second part of the film.

Thankfully the weather improved throughout the day and warmed up substantially which meant at one point we even saw the sun!


The cubs managed to sleep longer, thankfully for us and as with the Saturday they had breakfast and went up to flag. After this they played rounder’s which was organised into a tournament.

We then had lunch followed by more football, this time it was cubs vs. leaders which I’m sad to was won (4-3) by the cubs after a close match.

It was now time to take the tents down and to pack up. This was done quickly with the help of the clubs and we were ready for flag down. Before flag the cubs completed a litter pick to make sure the site was clean. We then finished the camp with flag down. After this it was time for the cubs to go home.

We hope all the cubs enjoyed themselves and we would like to once again say that their behaviour was impeccable throughout the weekend.