Picture 040

Event two was a straightforward dogfight between old and young, pupils against masters, or 5 young Explorers versus the old guard of four 16 year olds plus Explorers!
Oh what drama ensued!

With both teams eventually settled on a dubious compact 3 barrel strategy and Greevy assisting the youngsters, it was certainly game on!  The elders faffed a bit too much and were still designing the barrel + frame layouts as the youngsters were practically ready to grab paddles and buoyancy aids and head for the water. Knots were rated as poor but sufficient with some decorative but pointless rope wrapping and coiling ably demonstrated by the nippers on their vehicle. Nothing came apart in the water really, and most disappointingly.

The elders thought about a four barrel spread out design but upon realising they were losing time just followed the fresh faced youngsters and ploughed on tying knots.

As the 9pm launch time came and went, the tennis balls were assiduously wanged into the water by binkers and Greevy, and the poor mans version of the crystal dome began. 19 yellow balls worth one point each, a solitary white worth four, and the single golden snitch red ball worth 6 points! Go! Go! Go!

Splash! Splash! splash! And lo we smote their ruin on the pontoon side.

Both of the rafts toppled in pretty much immediately as teams realised that the whole team could not be carried and they themselves had indeed managed to construct one of the most wobbly contraptions in the world!

Cold, wet Explorers all round. However, this picture only tempted the one Explorer who had no wet kit to try his luck in the rope barrel. He sank immediately. It was then pointed out that there was a hole in the bottom. Well done him! call parents for change of clothes..

But wait! the game was racing along as the youngsters had collected 7 points and swapped over relay stylee. The elders just about managing to have two precarious lads gingerly putting paddle to water and keeping balanced. It was an absolute pleasure to see them bin it in the middle of the lake and then stand up.  Revenge is best served cold, and also wet according to the two elders who then toppled the mini men and all sorts of shenanigans took place far out on the pond.

More swimming, pushing, toppling unravelled as time was eventually called with a judges decision giving it to the youngsters on points. Just time to collect the balls in more functional craft and then the disassembling of the rafts and putting away could start. All safely locked up by 9.40pm.

Rafting on (the overpriced pond of) Roman Lakes : Done.

Download 22MB of lovely photos from this link. all in a nice .zip folder