The first event of Andy Togs’ week long marathon of activities for the splorers.


We all met at Scout HQ at 1pm and everyone then headed down to Roman Lakes to meet Roger (King of the Kayaks). Once kitted out with buoyancy aids, helmets, kayaks and paddles, we hit the water!

Chief Instructor Andy Togs started with the strokes teaching the Explorers how to paddle in a straight line forwards and backwards. This skill was then tested with a tug o’ war game. Banksy beat Laurie, Robert Roberts beat Matt to go into the final showdown. The winner (fairly easily) was ALEX BANKS.

Then it was time to learn how to turn with the sweep (or C) stroke. Everyone was spinning on the spot until they got dizzy! It was then time to put these skills into practice with a game of chase. In one group there was Banksy, Laurie and Andy whilst the others, Matt, Rob and Hibbo where the other group. The object of the game is, two chase round the other boat and the first one to tag the other person’s boat is the winner.  In Andy’s group ALEX BANKS was the winner and in Hibbo’s group ROBERT ROBERTS was the winner.

After a bit of loling about in the trees and collecting branches, Andy moved onto going sideways in the kayak. This is done with the draw stroke.  Then the team moved onto balance exercises, which culminated in standing up in the boat whilst trying to paddle which is difficult for the taller person. Sadly, no one fell in, but on the plus side it shows that everyone’s balance was pretty good.

Then the final game of the day was kayak poloy basketbally type thing. The rules were that the ball had to complete 4 passes between the team before a shot on the bowl could be made.

Blue v. Green, Andy, Banksy and Robert v. Hibbo, Matt and Laurie.

After a lively start with both teams having chances and saves being made by both teams, it was deemed to be too easy to save a ‘basket’. The target was moved so it was more difficult to save. Both teams had shots but still there was no score. Then LAURIE BROOKING had a shot that went in the bowl but bounced out – NO GOAL! This is when foul play from the Blue team started with Laurie being sunk by Banksy, Green team down to 2 players. The Blues also went down to 2 as well as Banksy helped Laurie empty his boat. The Green team were dominate in possession but still couldn’t score. With teams restored back to 3 a-piece and with the score still at nil nil, two minutes of time were left before a dreaded penalty shoot out, still no one could score. But with Robert Roberts sinking Laurie (AGAIN!) a free shot was awarded to Green team. Can Green team score in the final minute and take a glorious victory, will it  miss the bowl ,go in the bowl and bounce out or go in the bowl and stay in? Who knows. All the pressure is on, the ball is thrown it lands IN the bowl and threatens to bounce out, but enough back spin ensures it stays in the bowl, OLLIE HIBBS has won the game for the Green team!! The Blues cannot believe what has just happened.

There is just enough time left at the end for the standard ‘rafted up’ games of kiss the end of the boat and swapping boats which results in several part sunken boats as people stand on the back of boats and fill them with water. Banksy being the main culprit. Then it’s back to shore to get dried off and put the boats away ready for Linnet Clough to come and take them away.

Many lols had by all.

In attendance were:

  • Banks, Alex
  • Brooking, Laurie
  • Lumbert, Matt
  • Roberts, Robert
  • Hibbs, Ollie
  • Tognarelli, Andy

Download all the Kayaknin photos from this link : 20MB in a nice .Zip file