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Cobden PL & APL Walking Weekend in Malham

September 7, 2015 Cobden, Scouts Comments Off on Cobden PL & APL Walking Weekend in Malham

Myself and Wardy met the four Scouts, Tom, Calum, Jack B and Jack H, and set off for Malham. 63 miles and 90(ish) minutes later both cars arrived after taking slightly different routes at Riverside Campsite. Tents were pitched and we got some supper started, hot dogs on some fancy brioche rolls (reduced in Tesco).

When the Scouts at 21:30 were asked to keep the noise down and as there were other people camping, it was probably a good idea for them to disappear to their tents. With rain overnight we weren’t sure what to expect weather wise in the morning, but we were pleasantly surprised to find it was pretty sunny with no rain forecast for the rest of the weekend. Bonus!

After cereal and a sausage butty for breakfast we all made our sandwiches for lunch on bread rolls (also reduced in Tesco!). After getting to grips with the map we head out for the Yorkshire Dales.


First stop was the very impressive Malham Cove, a geological feature created when glaciers melted and the melt water eroded away the limestone bedrock.IMG_1996 IMG_2009

After admiring this brilliant natural formation we walked up the side to the top of the cove where we discovered another great limestone rock formation, limestone pavement. The Scouts found that some of pieces wobbled and some of the gaps were big enough to get stuck down.IMG_2016 IMG_2018 IMG_2023 IMG_2025

We then headed towards Malham Tarn. When we hit the road just before the Tarn there was a little ice-cream caravan, so everyone enjoyed a pre-lunch ice-cream. It would have been rude not to! About 10 minutes later we came across Malham Tarn, which to the Scouts disappointment there was ‘No Swimming Allowed!’. So they settled for splashing about on the shore before we stopped for lunch.IMG_2036 IMG_2037

After lunch we were ultimately heading for another well known feature in the Yorkshire Dales, Gordale Scar. But first we had a Roman Camp to visit, it was on the map so we had to go and have a look. It turned out to be a really wide slightly raised bit of a field, slightly disappointing to look at but vaguely interesting thanks to the information on a stone about what it was used for. I think the Scouts had more fun playing in Gordale Beck.


Eventually we headed down in to Gordale Scar and came across some impressive waterfalls which had created some mini plunge pools that the Scouts were allowed to “swim” in.IMG_2052 IMG_2054 IMG_2056

Saturday's Route - 9.52 miles

Saturday’s Route – 9.52 miles

It was then back to site for tea, Macaroni Cheese/Carbonara with Swiss Roll for afters. That evening to escape the midge fest and go through the requirements of the Chief Scout Gold Award we headed to the Buck Inn. After some chips, a couple of lemonades and lots (and I mean LOTS) of water it was time for bed.

Sunday morning was a slightly leisurely affair as we waited for the tents to dry from the dew before we could drop them. Cereal, sausage butties, tents dropped and cars packed, we set of on a short walk that would get us back in time for lunch. Our highlight today was Kirkby Fell and our highest point of the weekend at 500 metres above sea level. It was a simple straight line to the top with some great views of the Cove.IMG_2074 IMG_2076 IMG_2077

Our route down was slightly longer than anticipated as we took a wrong turning, but it did mean we got another look at Malham Cove, and a footpath rather than walking down a narrow road.IMG_2080

We got back to the campsite and our cars, drove in to Malham and found a patch of grass to sit and eat our picnic. When we’d finished our lunch we only had 20 minutes until we were supposed to be back in Marple! After letting parents know we were running late and that the Scouts would be dropped of at home, we hit the road and were home by 16:30.

Sunday Route - 4.63 miles

Sunday Route – 4.63 miles

A great weekend in with good company in a beautiful part of the country, I can think of worse ways to spend a weekend!

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Kit Faff

August 7, 2015 Cobden, Explorers, Kinder, Scout Summer Camp Comments Off on Kit Faff

On Sunday evening, leaders sorted canvas and other bits and pieces. Tonight all the bags were dropped off ready to throw on the coach tomorrow afternoon.

Meet at the Scout Hut at 15:30 for a 16:00 departure. See you there campers! 

Battle of Marple Dates Announced

April 29, 2015 Group Comments Off on Battle of Marple Dates Announced

The dates for the 2015 I.C Battle of Marple have just been announced, the dates are the 26th-28th June. We will have the poster (see below) up in the next few days and letters should follow shortly.

We only have 30 places for Scouts available, so make sure you return your letters ASAP.

If you have never participated in Battle of Marple before here is some information about the event.
-The purpose of the Event is prove which scout troop is the best! And have bragging rights for the next year!
– One of the biggest camps run by Marple Scouts!
– The camp is jam packed full of activities, with the sud slide making a regular appearance. The weekend culminates with the grulinat0r, which provides the stage for scouts to prove who is best troop!

BoM 2014 Poster

Bedding Plants 2015

March 31, 2015 Group Comments Off on Bedding Plants 2015

Bedding Plants

1st Marple Scouts will be running our annual Bedding Plants fundraiser again this year!  With prices held at 2010 prices of just £2 per box, it’s not only a great way to help support a local cause, but also a bit of a bargain!

All you need to do is download and print off this order form, make your selection, and drop it off at the Scout Hut.  The plants can be collected or delivered (free!) on the 11/12th May, and we’ll collect cash on delivery.  Please join in! :)

Cobden at Mellor Lodge

January 18, 2015 Cobden, Scouts Comments Off on Cobden at Mellor Lodge

For the first camp of the year we went up to Mellor Lodge, this is what we got up to.


On the Friday night the PL’s and APL’s arrived, the first activity of the night was a night hike around Mellor. We wrapped up warm and headed out, first stop Mellor Church. Then it was onto Mellor Cross, with a nice clear night there was amazing views of Manchester and a good amount of stars visible. With our tummies rumbling we headed back to the lodge where we had fish and chips waiting for us. After the fish and chips we then watched a film and it was off to bed.

Ready for the Walk

Mellor Church


Mellor Cross


View of Manchester from the cross




















No ridiculous wake up this time! A very civilised 08:45, although they weren’t to impressed to be woken by Everything is Awesome! It was cereal and Sausage butties for Breakfast, even with Alex’s best attempt to smoke us out of the hut!

We used the time before the rest of the scouts arrived to work towards the Chief Scouts Gold Award. After this  we then started cooking Spaghetti Bolognese  in preparation for the rest of the scouts arriving. Once they all arrived it we tucked into lunch and then it was off to Linnet Clough for a Dinosaur inspired wide game.  With the weather closing in we decided to make a tactical retreat  back to the lodge. It was then time to make home made pizzas for tea.

Homemade Pizzas. Yum Yum!

After tea we settled down to watch Frozen. Which they defiantly “didn’t” want to watch, for a little entertainment watch the clip below to watch the scouts belting out Let It Go!

After Frozen was finished, we looked outside to discover own frozen world. There is only one thing to do when there’s snow… have a snowball fight!


With snow still on the ground we headed down to have a few more snowball fights and make some snowmen. Then it was back to the lodge for lunch and then home!









Here’s the rest of the Pictures from the weekend.

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Wardy (052)


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